Conduit Intrusion Detection

Fiber Optic Sensor Manhole Switches intrusion detection systems


The FiberStrike Conduit Monitoring solution provides very tight zone control and instant response for all conduit intrusion attempts. Detection Zones may even be created to protect a single room, and an unlimited number of zones may be established on a single protected conduit.


This system will detect and locate an under floor conduit breach and direct security personnel to the specific room of unauthorized activity. The fully fiber optic solution is undetectable, immune to EMI/RFI, and adaptable to accommodate future additions and changes. Long expanses of uninterrupted conduit may easily be managed.


Conduit Monitoring is virtually always integrated with Risers, Handholds and Vaults. FiberStrike also provides a dual “Point Detection” technology suite of products that include a full array of fiber optic Interlock Switches, Sensing Mats and Sensing Platforms that address all of your system’s critical security needs. CEL can provide the necessary hardware, software and integration expertise to manage nearly any application.


Applications include:

Government & Military Secure Data Facilities Secret/Top Secret Data Transmission Corridors Corporate Confidential Communications Protection


Conduit Intrusion Detection