FiberStrike® FiberOptic Sensor Technology


FiberStrike® consists of two distinctly different technology groups:


Point Sensing (or discrete sensor products)

–Application-specific fiber optic and electromechanical sensors

–Monitors specific points, connected via non-sensitive fiber optic cable

–Each point is assigned an individual software address identifier

–Hundreds of points may be monitored over long distances


Distributed Sensing

–Every meter of CEL FiberStrike® “sensitive fiber” is continuously polled and  analyzed to determine changes in state

–The entire fiber essentially becomes an event sensing array, capable of detecting and locating minute disturbances, e.g., associated with seismic activity or unauthorized intrusions.





FiberStrike® Perimeter Security Platform Security Manhole Switches
FiberStrike® Perimeter Security Platform Security Manhole Switches

FiberStrike® is a new and effective family of fiber optic sensing solutions.  It utilizes light to sense and measure motion, intrusion and to detect very detailed measurements of strain.

Our systems for bridges utilize sensors with fiber Bragg gratings:

  • Established technology, internationally proven
  • High resolution, accurate, field-reliable
  • Small, lightweight, easy to surface-mount or embed into structures
  • Simultaneous, real-time point sensing at speeds up to kHz
  • Static and dynamic measurements with single instrument
  • Wide temperature range:  –65 to +300°C for standard fiber
  • Radiation hardened fiber available
  • Multiplexing –   up to 40 –50 sensors per channel on a single fiber, regardless of sensor type
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