Line Card – Thermocouples

Cleveland Electric Laboratories (CEL) is a family-owned business that has been serving our customers since 1920 by proudly providing top-quality products, excellent customer service and exceptional attention to critical details. From our earliest days of servicing electric meters for the rail industry to our current complete line of thermocouple product offerings and advanced technologies, CEL always has placed the highest importance on serving the needs of customers while focusing on quality, efficiency and integrity.

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial thermocouples and advanced sensing technologies used for a wide-range of processes and applications — custom-made and industry-specific proprietary designs are a large part of our capabilities. We also provide a full-range of Certification Lab and Engineering Services that are aligned with our product lines. We want to hear from you to find out how we can help solve your product and technical problems. Please review our full list of products below and let us know.

Products and Services

Industrial Thermocouples & RTD’s

  • Small diameter fast response
  • Noble Metal High Performance
  • Platinum Composite sheath
  • Bare & Insulated Wire
  • Certification & Instrument Calibration
  • Terminations and Hardware

Mechanical Instrumentation for aero and power generation turbine test and development

  • Rake and Probe Manufacturing & Refurbishment
  • Duct Instrumentation
  • Engine component instrumentation
  • Strain Gage installation services
  • Slip Ring – Electrical and Fiber Optic

Engineering & Design Services

  • SolidWorks 3D Modeling
  • Ansys FEA
  • Component Modification Design
  • Instrumentation Egress Routing
  • Load and Thrust Cell Design and Engineering
  • Rake and Probe Design and Analysis

 Machining Services & Applications

  • Aerospace, Mining, Power, Marine & Heavy Equipment
  • Prototype & Engine Component Machining
  • CNC Mills & Lathes
  • Manual Mills & Lathes
  • EDM
  • Grind

Temperature Sensors

  • Industrial Base-Metal Thermocouples
  • MGO Thermocouples
  • Survey Thermocouples
  • Control & High Limit Thermocouples
  • High Temperature Noble Metals Thermocouples
  • Fast Response, Small Diameter Thermocouples
  • Platinum Sheath Thermocouples
  • Composite Sheath Thermocouples
  • Reduced Tip Thermocouples
  • Custom Fabricated Sensors
  • RTD Sensors
  • Precious Metal Reclaim / Recycling Program

Temperature Components

  • Bare Wire
  • Insulated Wire
  • Thermocouple Grade Wire
  • Extension Grade Wire
  • Metal Protection Tubes
  • Ceramic Protection Tubes
  • Terminations:  Plugs, Jacks, Heads, Blocks
  • Thermowells


  • A2LA Accredited Laboratory
  • Thermocouple Certification
  • Instrument Calibration

Industrial Temperature Sensors

  • Metal-sheath MGO Thermocouples
  • Small-diameter, Fast Response Thermocouples
  • Reduced-tip Thermocouples
  • Base Metal Elements
  • Base Metal Assemblies
  • Immersion Tips & Lance-handle Probes
  • Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD’s)

High Temperature Thermocouples

  • Platinum Sheath Thermocouples
  • Composite Sheath Thermocouples
  • Noble Metal Elements
  • Noble Metal Assemblies
  • Vacuum Furnace Thermocouples
  • HIP Furnace Thermocouples
  • Float Glass Thermocouples
  • Semi-conductor Multi-point Thermocouples

Survey / Profile Wire & Thermocouples

  • Ceramic Fiber
  • Vitreous Silica
  • High-temperature Fiberglass
  • Stainless Steel / Inconel Overbraid

Wire & Cable

  • Bare Noble Metal Thermocouple Wire
  • Bare Base Metal Thermocouple Wire
  • Insulated Thermocouple & RTD Extension Wire
  • Multi-pair Thermocouple Wire
  • Extension Lead Assemblies /  Harnesses

Protection Tubes

  • Ceramic Protection Tubes & Insulators
  • Silicon Carbide Protection Tubes
  • Metal-ceramic (LT-1) Protection Tubes
  • Tercod Pyrometry Tubes
  • Target Tubes
  • Metal Protection Tubes
  • Flanged & Threaded Thermowells

Connectors, Terminations & Hardware

  • Plugs & Jacks
  • Termination Heads
  • Termination Blocks, Panels & Strips
  • Compression Fittings
  • Flanges

Metrology (ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory)

  • Lot Certification of Thermocouple Material
  • NIST Traceable
  • AMS 2750E & BAC 5621 Compliance
  • Instrument Calibration

Value-added Services

  • Precious Metal Reclaim / Recycling Program
  • Product Tagging
  • Product Serialization
  • Product Kitting