Mini Optical Switches

LCM-650 Mini-Optical Switch Assemblies

Fiber Optic Sensor Manhole Switches intrusion detection systems


LCM-650 FiberStrike® mini-optical switch assemblies, developed by Cleveland Electric Laboratories, are effective sensing solutions for remotely monitoring the status of access hatches on Holocom™️ secure communications enclosures. LCM-650 mini-optical switch assemblies consist of state of the art fiber optically-based switches and associated mounting hardware specifically designed to fit multiple Holocom™️ enclosure configurations. The switches occupy little volume, and the mounting hardware is easily installed or retrofitted in new or existing enclosures. No modifications to Holocom™️ enclosures are required to accommodate LCM-650 mini-optical switch assemblies.


LCM-650 mini-optical switches are passive, require no electrical power, cannot be bypassed without detection, and are immune to EMI. Hundreds of LCM-650 mini-optical switches may be distributed over a wide area and networked over nonconductive optical fiber into a single front-end system, which can be located tens of kilometers distant from the actual enclosures being monitored.

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Mini Optical Switches