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Intrusion Detection Platforms




LCM-940 sensing platforms, developed and patented by Cleveland Electric Laboratories, are an effective solution for detecting the presence of pedestrians in specific locations. LCM-940 platforms are part of the FiberStrike suite of fiber optic sensing solutions made by Cleveland Electric Laboratories. FiberStrike sensing systems use light to sense position or movement; FiberStrike sensors contain no electronic components, require no electrical power and radiate no signals. They cannot be bypassed without detection, and are immune to interference and environmental effects that can plague electrically-based sensors.

LCM-940 sensing platforms connect to remote monitoring equipment via non-conductive optical fiber. Benefitting from the very long working distances allowed by fiber optics, sensing platforms may be located tens of kilometers distant from the monitoring equipment. Existing standard communications fiber infrastructures may be leveraged to connect a network of platforms, and multiple platforms may be multiplexed over a single optical fiber while remaining individually addressable, simplifying the logistics and reducing the costs of installation.

Example applications for FiberStrike LCM-940 platforms include sensing of pedestrian presence at railway/subway/mass-transit platforms, movements along defined paths, and intrusion detection along hallways or in front of doorways or hatches that access secure areas. Specifications for LCM-940 platforms are provided on the reverse.

LCM-940 Platforms


LCM-940 platform specifications

Performance Properties

LCM-940 sensing platform data may be presented via IntelliOpticsTM software – a powerful but intuitive graphic user interface. The IntelliOptics architecture supports a virtually unlimited quantity of LCM-940 sensing platforms, automatically transmits alerts, provides secure databases, and allows flexible and tailorable data presentation formats that facilitate integration and correlation of data from all platforms. A cloud hosting option facilitates remote, simultaneous access for multiple authorized users.

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