At our Twinsburg Facility, company technicians repair and calibrate a wide variety of temperature controllers and indicators used in various high temperature industrial processes. At our Tempe facility, technicians repair, calibrate and manufacture turbine engine electronic test equipment.


One of the most important items to monitor on a turboprop engine is torque. Many engines are torque limited due to limitations in the airframe. Although temperature is also a limiting factor, turboprops are often de-rated, and are capable of operating at a higher torque setting than the airframe allows before they reach their temperature limitations. Because of this, the torque gages need to be verified. In addition, the torque system needs to occasionally be calibrated in order to reflect an accurate indication of actual torque so the pilot knows how the engine is performing relative to each other, and relative to aircraft limitations.


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The raw torque signals coming from the engine torque meters must be calibrated and compensated to reflect accurately the horsepower being produced, so that when the engines are producing identical power, the torque meters in the cockpit will register identically.

In order to verify torque, and calibrate the aircraft torque meters, you must be measure directly from the engine using a special instrument called the Lebow Torque Cell. The Lebow Torque cell must be calibrated periodically to verify readings are accurate and reliable.

CEL will clean and calibrate your Lebow Torque Cell system in a very timely manner and provide you with a certification report for your reference and records.

Cleveland Electric Labs calibration laboratory capabilities include repair and calibration of temperature and process control instruments, indicating and recording instrumentation and DMMs. Reference the Cleveland Electric Labs scope of accreditation for our laboratories full calibration capabilities.

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