Papaloapan Bridge

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Papalopana Bridge – Mexico

About The Bridge

The Papaloapan Bridge is a stay cable bridge that crosses over the Papaloapan River in Veracruz Mexico and was built in 1995. The bridge is 1325 feet, 666 feet at its longest span, and 75.5 feet wide. The bridge contains 112 cables. The columns on the bridge are solid concrete rather than hollow and do not have any cross beams. This allowed the crane to rotate a full 360 degrees during construction.



  • (1) sm130-500 Optical Sensing Interrogator
  • (1) sm041-416 Optical Channel Switch Extension


  • (24) os3600 Strain Sensors
  • (4) os7100 double axis Accelerometers
  • (16) os7100 single axis Accelerometers
  • (5) os4350 Temperature Sensors
  • (8) FBG Tech Fiber Optic Tilt Meters
  • (8) Kaisen Displacement Sensors

Auxiliary Equipment

  • (2) Bosch PTZ Camera System
  • (1) Weather Station
  • (1) Solar Power Station
  • Seismograph with 3-D Accelerometer for earthquake detection