Cleveland Electric Laboratories is a family-owned business that has been serving our customers since 1920 by proudly providing top-quality products, excellent customer service and exceptional attention to critical details. From our earliest days of servicing electric meters for the rail industry to our current complete line of thermocouple product offerings and advanced technologies, Cleveland Electric Laboratories (CEL) always has placed the highest importance on serving the needs of customers while focusing on quality, efficiency and integrity.

Cleveland Electric Labs has been primarily a thermocouple manufacturer over the years and now our Primary product lines are:

Industrial Thermocouple Products
Turbine Engine Testing & Instrumentation
Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions

CEL also provides a full line of Engineering Services that are aligned with our product lines. We want to hear from you to find out how we can help solve your technical problems.


We welcome you to visit us at either of our locations in Twinsburg, Ohio or Tempe, Arizona.



CEL’s corporate headquarters, located in Twinsburg, Ohio, serves as our primary thermocouple manufacturing facility as well as our accredited thermocouple and instrumentation calibration laboratory. This location is referred to as the Temperature Control Group (CEL-TCG). CEL is ISO 9001 certified, and our NIST-traceable calibration laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.


CEL field experts and inside sales / customer service representatives are well-versed in our complete line of thermocouple products as well as their many applications and configurations. CEL provides these products and services to companies in the steel, aerospace, investment casting, non-ferrous metals, heat treating, glass, ceramics, plastics, rubber and petrochemical industries, as well as to OEMs.

Thermocouples manufactured by CEL include M-I (swaged) sensors ranging in diameter from 0.010″ for strict response time demands to 0.750″ for harsh manufacturing conditions. Other configurations include alloy tubes up to 1.5″ NPT, various ceramic tubes, silicon carbides, and platinum or platinum/rhodium sheathed for extreme temperatures in atmospheric conditions.

CEL also manufactures high performance thermocouples for vacuum furnaces, hot isostatic pressing, and other heat-treating applications, as well as platinum-coated and platinum thimble designs for the molten glass/fiberglass industry.

Other products include insulated wire for thermocouple, survey and extension applications, RTDs, thermowells, metal and ceramic protection tubes, and thermocouple component items. One of CEL’s special areas of expertise is the efficient handling of noble metals, such as platinum and rhodium, required in the manufacture of thermocouples.

We have several programs that make the purchase, use and scrap recovery of these products both convenient and cost effective. We encourage and invite inquiries on the options available.



In 2004 Cleveland Electric Labs established the Advanced Technologies Group (CEL-ATG) in Arizona to serve the turbine engine testing industry. Based in Tempe, CEL-ATG manufactures temperature and pressure sensors, rakes and probes, strain gages and high-speed slip ring assemblies, as well as instrumentation engineering and precision machining services.

CEL-ATG also continues innovative work on many fiber optic sensors and sensing systems for industrial, structural health monitoring and security sector applications, expanding our depth of offerings. Fiber optic products include Brainy Bolt, Linear and Rotary Position Sensors, Position Control Switches, temperature and strain sensors, as well as sensing arrays for various security applications. Instrumentation for the turbine engine test industry remains a primary focus, complemented by fiber optics, specialized thermocouple manufacturing and a full-service machining services center and our various other R&D initiatives.

Our experienced engineering staff is dedicated to the development of concepts and methods that provide effective solutions to our customers’ sensing requirements across a broad spectrum of parameters. All CEL Sensor Products provide benefit across multiple segments of industrial and commercial markets. Throughout this website you will see examples of these innovative and effective sensor products. We look forward to answering your inquiries and helping you solve your important sensing needs.