Wire Thermocouples & Bulk Wire

Insulated thermocouple wire is the most cost-effective means of temperature measurement. It most often consists of a single pair of insulated wires that are oriented parallel to each other and secured together with an insulating shield and/or jacket. The insulated wire may be of any one of the designated thermocouple types and is available in a solid or stranded configuration in a variety of gauges. Solid core wire is most common, but stranded construction is available when greater flexibility is required. Thermocouple grade wire is the highest quality wire and may be used in the hot zone where measurements are taking place. Cleveland Electric Laboratories supplies thermocouple grade wire with special limits of error or better as our standard. Furthermore, thermocouple grade extension wire may be used to carry the signal generated from a thermocouple to measuring equipment. Alternatively, compensating extension wire can be used external to the furnace. This wire is made from materials that simulate the EMF properties of the corresponding thermocouple type while limiting their contribution to measurement error. Compensated lead wire has a maximum use temperature of 400ºF.

Insulation is applied to each wire individually, and then again combined as a duplex pair. The insulation may be extruded, taped, wrapped, served, braided, or applied using other means depending on insulation material and desired characteristics. The insulation isolates each wire from the other electrically and may also serve to identify the calibration type and identify the polarity of each wire. Some types of high temperature insulation cannot accept color coding, and tracer materials are added to the wire braid for identification. Selection of insulation type is dependent on the determining factors of: the end application, the maximum usage temperature, and the atmosphere. Other factors when choosing insulation material are flexibility, abrasion, and electromagnetic interference. In addition to the outer insulation, other layers may be added like foils or stainless-steel exterior braiding to provide electrical shielding or abrasion resistance. Cleveland Electric Laboratories maintains a large inventory of many stock wire configurations. Custom combinations are available upon request.

Thermocouple and Extension wire assemblies are available in long, continuous lengths and are custom built to specification. Cold end termination options include stripped, bare ends, industry-standard plugs/jacks, or custom options.

Survey/Profile Thermocouples

Insulated Thermocouple Wire (ITW) is an effective tool to measure the accuracy and stability of Industrial Furnaces—thus the common terminology of Survey or Profile Thermocouples. Material is available in bulk spools or as made-to-order thermocouples or Thermocouple Kits, all in accordance with industry specifications.

Technical Data

Calibration: E, J, K, N & T
Wire Diameters: 14-30 Gauge
Junction Construction: Twist, Butt Weld
Termination and Hardware: Plugs, Jacks & Mini Plugs
Certification: Individual or Lot Certification. Standard or Special Limits of Error.

Extension Lead Assemblies/Harnesses

Manufactured with either Insulated Thermocouple Wire (ITW) or Insulated Extension Wire (IEW), CEL can supply application-specific assemblies or harnesses for compatibility to your existing process.

Technical Data

Full Customizations of Products Available Upon Request.

Insulated Thermocouple & Extension Wire

Insulated Thermocouple Wire (ITW) is selected based on calibration, diameter, and insulation material.  Our ITW is typically ordered in bulk spools and may be certified in our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.

Insulated Extension Wire
Insulated Extension Wire (IEW) is used as a means to transmit a thermocouple signal from the sensor in process to the recording instrumentation without loss or degradation of the thermocouple signal.  IEW must be compatible with its corresponding thermocouple.

Technical Data

Calibration: B, C, E, J, K, N, R/S, & T
Wire Gauge: 14 – 30 Gauge
Insulating Materials: 200°F – 2400°F. Various Materials Available Upon Request Including Teflon (PTFE), FEP, Fiberglass, Vitreous Silica, Ceramic Fiber, PVC, PFA, & Kapton
Certification: Lot Certification; Special Limits of Error

Noble Metal Thermocouple Wire

Provide tighter accuracies than base metal assemblies and are manufactured with superior materials capable of withstanding process temperatures up to 3100°F.

Supplied in Types B, R or S, our Noble Thermocouple Wire is suitable for high-temperature and high-accuracy applications. Standard in-stock wire diameters range from .010” to .032”, all available with ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration upon request.


Furnace Control, Forging, Blast Furnaces, Steel Production, Tunnel Kilns & High-Temperature Periodic Kiln

Technical Data

Calibration: B, R & S
Wire Gauge: .002 – .45
Termination: Multiple Termination Head Options
Hardware: Multiple Mounting Hardware Options

Base Metal Thermocouple Wire

Rugged, durable industrial thermocouple assemblies designed for use in the most severe process environments & temperatures up to 2200°F.


Steel Production, Waste Incineration, Heat Treating, Salt Baths & Rotary Kilns

Technical Data

Calibration: E, J, K, N & T
Gauge: 8-20 (Others Available Upon Request)
Hardware: Multiple Mounting
Certification: Individual or Lot Certification Standard or Special Limits of Error

Multi-Pair Thermocouples Wire

From 2 to 36 pair of wire in a common cable, our Multi-Pair Extension Wire is utilized when a single run of instrumentation wiring is desired. This configuration greatly simplifies installation when many wires are routed to a single point. It also occupies less space.

Technical Data

Calibration:  E, K & RS
Wire Gauge: All Diameters
Insulating Materials: 200°F – 700°F. Polyvinyl Twisted, Twisted Aluminum Mylar/PVC

Magnesium Oxide Cable

Also known as MgO or MIMS Cable, this material is supplied with a metallic outer sheath, typically Inconel or Stainless Steel. High-temperature magnesium-oxide insulation encapsulates the thermo conductors, isolating the conductors from each other as well as the outer sheath. This versatile product is manufactured for flexibility and is able to be wrapped around a mandrel twice the diameter of the cable.


Heat Treating, Forging, Annealing, Hardening, Engine Testing and Monitoring, Specialty Metals Processing, Oil & Gas Refining

Technical Data

Calibration: B, E, J, K, N, R, S & T
Sheath Diameter: 0.010” – .75”
Sheath Material: Inconel, Stainless Steel & Hastelloy
Certification: Individual or Lot Certification; Special Limits of Error

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