CEL is sought after to tackle the jobs that others will not. Our Machining Services team specializes in low-volume, highly complex configurations that are often made from difficult-to-machine materials, all while maintaining tight tolerances. CEL’s investment in our equipment and skilled machinists yields the best quality results at a competitive cost.

Our daily work includes:

  • Single set-up capabilities with integrated CNC milling and turning
  • Complex profiles
  • Precision tolerances
  • Difficult-to-machine materials
  • Super fine finishes
  • AS9100 Certified
  • Engineering design support
  • Prototype and reverse engineering
  • One-stop convenience with our partners in Wire EDM, Sinker EDM, Boring, Grinding, and Shearing

Small-Batch Machining and Prototyping at CEL

Challenges with Small-Batch Manufacturing and Prototyping

Helping you create a successful production formula for your components is our goal at CEL. We routinely work with customers to help them analyze the fundamental features of their products. This analysis helps build foresight for where problems may arise and can lead to product improvements. CEL provides precision machining and fabricating for prototype/small batch production for a variety of industries – aircraft/aerospace, military/defense, semiconductor, commercial equipment, mining and automotive. We work with manufacturers in these industries to overcome their challenges and achieve working solutions that enhance their product designs.

Small-Batch Manufacturing Challenges

Many industries consult with CEL for initial production runs and analysis. Small batch formulations can require anything from complete production overhauls to minor optimizations. With machining capabilities of turning parts up to 42” diameter and CNC milling up to 5 axes and a full suite of manual mill and lathe equipment, CEL can help customers gauge the changes needed to make their small batch manufacturing a success.

Small batch manufacturing is all about finding stability in manufacturing processes. We are here to help our customers create a repeatable small-batch process so that they can transition to larger-scale production. Before spending a fortune on non specialized testing, let our expert machinists provide careful analysis to more effectively spotlight areas for improvement.

Mass Production Plan Creation

With our team’s expert knowledge of machining equipment, engineering, fabrication, component instrumentation, and CAD/3D model design, we can help your company reconfigure its formula for success. Whether you are in the process of new product development or improving an existing product, our technical skills give us an edge when it comes to planning small batch production.

As we work with you to create a customized plan of action, we will help define your process’s problems or areas for improvement, recommend specific corrections and procedures every step of the way.

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