CEL offers a complete line of  thermocouple and extension grade wires in single, duplex and multi-pair construction.

CEL is an approved source to certify bulk thermocouple wire or individual elements traceable to N.I.S.T.


Bare Insulated Thermocouple Wire Documents

Thermocouple Wire Data

Insulated Wire Thermocouple

Insulated Wire Thermocouple Extension

Bare Insulated Thermocouple Wire

Insulated Thermocouple Wire

Calibration Gauge Size Std/Spec Lim Solid/Std Insulation OVERBRAID SPECIAL
J Iron/Constantan 14 14 GA 1 Solid Conductor Std 232 HiTemp GL BR/HiTemp GL BR O None O None
K Chromel/Alumel 16 16 GA 2 Solid Special Limits 251 Felted Servtex/Glass Braid S Stainless Steel Wire Brd X Special
T Copper/Constantan 18 18 GA 3 Stranded Conductor Std 273 HiTemp GL/Servtex Braid C Tinned Copper Wire Brd C Certified
E Chromel/Constantan 20 20 GA 4 Stranded Special Limits 301 (H) VitSilFib/VitSilFib BR F Flat St.St. Ribbon Braid U UL Approved
S Plat/10% Rhod 24 24 GA 9 Single Conductor 302 Dbl Glass Braid/Glass Brd W Flat St.St. Spiral Wrap B Boeing Spec
N Nicrosil/Nisil 26 26 GA H Solid Half Limits 304 Glass Braid/Glass Braid G Half Oval Galv St.Spiral TE Thermo Electric
28 28 GA 7 Stranded 305 Glass Wrap/Glass Braid I Inconel Overbraid
30 30 GA 309 HiTemp GL BR/HiTemp GL Brd D Duowrap Construction
No Saturant on Singles H Full Build
311 HiTemp GL BR/HiTemp GL Brd
No Saturant on Singles or Jacket
313 Glass Braid/Glass Braid-Heavy 304 Build
314 HiTemp GL BR/None Twisted
315 Glass Braid/None Twisted
316 Glass Braid/HiTemp GL Brd
332 Survey Wire
350 Ceramic Fibr/Ceramic Fibr
505 Polyvin/None-Ripcord Const
506 FEP Extruded/FEP Extruded-Thin FEP 28-36 GA.
507 FEP Extruded/FEP Extruded
508 FuseTFE Tape/FuseTFE Tape
509 FEP Ext/TW Alu Myl/FEP Ext
511 Fused Kapton Tape/Twisted
513 Fuse Kap Tape/Fuse Kap Tape
514 Tefzel/Tefzel
516 PFA/PFA – Teflon 500 F
517 PFA/TW Alum Mylar/PFA
P04 J Posit/Sil Imp Dbl GL BR
N04 J Neg/Sil Imp Dbl GL BR
303 Enam Glass Braid/Glass Brd
200 HiTemp GL BR/None-TW
355 Ceramic Fibr/Ceramic Fibr (m)
365 (M) Vit Sil Fib/Vit Sil Fib –
16 picks/Inch jacket
366 (L) Vit Sil Fib/Vit Sil Fib
300 Vit Sil Fib/None-TW
400 Ceramic Fibr/None-TW
364 Vit Sil/Vit Sil Extra Heavy
Red Tracer
321 Double Glass on Singles/Glass
512 Fused Kapton Tape/Fuse Kap
Tape with tracers
230 High Temp Glass/High Temp Glass
HML Enamel on Singles
Bare Insulated Thermocouple Wire