Our Engineering Team has many years of turbine engine test and development experience, and we stand ready to support your efforts related to sensor design and /or configuration, sensor placement, modeling, and egress routing. Our vast practical experience in this industry will complement your team’s efforts to experience accurate and complete validation test data.


3D Modeling

CEL Engineers use 3D rendering software to design, analyze & refine product concepts to meet your project requirements. With 3D solid models of components and assemblies, we can anticipate the challenges for sensor installation and egress, and develop routing layouts and create drawings to define product specifications.

Whether you have a sketch on a napkin or fully dimensioned 3D Parasolid (CAD) parts, we can support in optimizing your design, performing analysis, and modifying existing designs as necessary to accept instrumentation. We can also take measurements and design mating components and sensors for your existing hardware, if schematics are not available.


Component Modification Design

CEL’s Instrumentation Engineers will work with you to develop and document a sensor installation and egress routing plan for your instrumented components and related hardware. Our in house machining facility provides for quick and simple solutions for modifying test hardware. With years of experience handling expensive, one of a kind test engine components, you can be assured that your hardware will be processed with all the proper protocols. This capability provides and efficient one stop facility for meeting all of your instrumentation test requirements.


Design & Engineering Collaboration

Understanding instrumentation is the key to successful testing and data collection. Designing an instrumentation package requires an in-depth knowledge of the customer’s data requirements, customer’s time lines, test unit configuration, test unit and component environmental conditions, egress requirements, detailed component geometry, handling and machining of specialized one-off hardware, sensor technology, sensor capabilities and limits, sensor installation techniques, kiel design and optimization, just to mention a few. None of this can be successfully implemented without high-level engineering communication. We must fully understand your needs and you must feel confident that we can effectively meet those requirements.


Instrumentation Egress Routing

Using your 3D models, CEL Engineers will evaluate your specific instrumentation requirements and determine the least invasive and most cost effective routing path for all sensors. This information is then added to your models, allowing 3D viewing of all routing and required hardware modifications.

As a result of the many different materials and environmental conditions within an engine, careful consideration must be taken when selecting the methods, materials and products used to secure critical sensors. CEL has developed technical processes which evaluate each location and the requisite techniques to ensure sensor reliability and life.


Load & Thrust Cell Design & Engineering

Creating custom solutions to specific projects is just one of CEL’s strengths. Our experience and ability to provide component instrumentation combined with our ability to analyze your existing hardware, allows CEL to provide a unique solution to a specific project that require thrust and torque measurements.

Many times it is impossible to get an “off the shelf” load cell into an existing design. When this is the case and it is necessary to measure loads to validate a design, CEL can design a load cell around your existing hardware. This approach can provide a faster and more cost effective solution compared to designing and building a specific test rig to measure the required loads.

These solutions can range anywhere from modifying existing hardware to creating special low profile and custom fit load cells. Our engineering team will work with you through every step of the project ensuring that the measurement that you need is the measurement you get.


Rake & Probe Design and Analysis

CEL manufactures temperature and pressure mechanical instrumentation for use throughout the turbine engine test and development industry.

Through strict process control, all rakes and probes are manufactured to critical tolerances, thereby ensuring repeatable and accurate data for your test and development programs. These products can be designed by our engineering team or we will build to customer specifications.

CEL engineers and technicians are also equipped to evaluate the feasibility of refurbishing used rakes and probes. When applicable, we can confidently refurbish your instrumentation for use as originally designed.


Rig Design

Whether you are testing compressors, combustors, turbines, or rotor dynamics and bearings the need to evaluate component performance at critical operating conditions requires specialized test rigs. CEL-ATG has the engineering experience and state of the art modeling & design software required to develop highly specialized, cost effective rigs. By utilizing actual engine model structures and configurations, CEL-ATG’s engineers can develop highly effective rig systems with specialized instrumentation, including platinum T/C’s and rakes, which are critical to evaluate your engine components.